Automotive Locksmith FAQ

Auto locksmith Melbourne

For providing peace of mind for our customers, we have answered the most commonly asked questions about the automotive locksmith. Continue reading to know more about automotive locksmith.

Are all the locksmiths untrustworthy?

Of course not. Let’s be honest, there are some frauds disguised as locksmiths, but not all the locksmiths are frauds. We know the best locksmiths who don’t indulge in unlawful practices. When it comes to hiring a good locksmith, you have to be extra careful. You should make sure the best locksmith company is licensed. Using the Better Business Bureau’s website, you can check the validity of the business.

Is it possible to cut a key from a number?

Keys can easily be made from the code number of a lock for padlocks, vehicles, and filing cabinets. However, it cannot be made from VIN numbers.

Will my car be damaged when you unlock it?

All the customers can rest assured that we will not cause any damage to your car when we unlock it. We have highly trained professionals who will make sure there is no damage. Moreover, we have tools that will prevent damage to your car.

If we use the swan tool to unlock your car, there might be some damage to the aftermarket window tint. In such a case, we ask for the client’s permission. We have another alternative to this as well. It is getting a duplicate key created for your car. Though it is an expensive option, it might not cause any damage.

Can I get lock opening tools?

It is illegal in most states to have or sell lock opening tools.

What should I do if my keys are stuck in the ignition?

If you land in such a situation, we recommend you not doing anything. Don’t try to turn your keys with force as it will break the keys. In case the key breaks in the ignition, it will cost a lot more to resolve the problems. So, it is advised to call a locksmith

Why is making keys for some motorcycle and car expensive?

Just like technology, vehicle security is also evolving and is becoming technically sophisticated. The latest models of cars and motorcycles have an advanced anti-theft system known as transponders and have electronic fob. For programing keys or fobs, special equipment is needed along with training. So, it is the reason why it is expensive than others.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is a common service offered by the best locksmith. In this process, a locksmith will modify the configuration of the lock. This is to make sure the existing key will not work any longer. During this process, the auto locksmith will change the pins in the lock. It can be unlocked using the new key only. Rekeying is a better and affordable option than getting all your locks replaced.

How do I obtain the key code to lost keys?

If you are the original owner, you can easily obtain the key code. The key code might be written on the original bill of sale. There are some chances that it might be written on the front of the owner’s manual. Having the key code will make it convenient to get a duplicated key.

We hope these answers will resolve your queries about local locksmith.